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no, i’m not committing suicide. but i do need a bit of assistance.

for those who don’t know, i work at my university’s lgbt center. we have a smallish library which is woefully under-stocked and out-of-date. since none of my coworkers really care for books or libraries as much i do, i have made it my task this year to collect books i think need to be on our shelves.

in particular, i am looking for novels featuring trans* characters (especially intersex and genderqueer characters); non-fiction on intersex people; non-fiction on intersectionality (e.g. race in the lgbt community, sexism in the lgbt community); non-fiction on the modern sexuality spectrum (specifically books which candidly and accurately discuss asexuality, pansexuality and polyamory); fiction featuring asexual characters; and fiction featuring LGBT characters of color.

if you have ANY recommendations at all, please let me know!!

i will be collecting books until april, so there’s plenty of time to think it over!

(p.s. if you would like to DONATE any books, please send me an ask here. i’ll give you my shipping address.)

any help you can give is greatly appreciated!

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    Oh good! Glad to be of service *bows*
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    I really enjoyed I am J, by Cris Beam. It’s my favorite trans* themed book, of those that I have read. Hero, by Perry...
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    I’m the author of Shades of Gay, which features gay, bisexual and asexual characters. I’m also working on a new project...
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    I wish I could think of more, but off the top of my head I can only think of Luna by Julie Anne Peters. It’s a good...
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    Off the top of my librarian head… A dear friend of mine in library school put this site together that could be of help...
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    Also “Becoming a Visible Man” by Jamison Green and “Stone Butch Blues” by Leslie Feinberg are great books.
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    This website contains a good list of novels that involve characters being transplanted into bodies of a different or...
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    Crap, the library I’m working at has nothing immediately relevant, and the history of cataloging on these subjects is...
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    Intersectionality has always been interesting to me, as a queer person of color. Adding my two cents on a couple of...
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