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Let's Not Generalize, Please


Look. When you say “you know you’re ace when someone makes an innuendo and you think of something completely unrelated to sex?” That erases the experience of a lot of aces. Mine, for one–I usually see the innuendo. Or not being able to comprehend “sexy”–oh, come on, I can tell when someone is gorgeous and I’ve never had any trouble understanding what “sexy” means, if only from the way others use it. Hey, we keep talking about the fact that there are asexuals who have sex and asexuals who enjoy it! Let’s remember that when we’re talking about what an asexual experience is. Even in jest–jokes do a lot to set the tone and culture of a particular space.

Can we please try, when we discuss ace experiences and in particular asexual experiences, to remember that asexuality comes alongside with a host of very different experiences? Generalizing one’s own experiences and tendencies onto an entire sexual orientation, particularly one with the level of diversity we have, is a bad idea. People are going to feel erased. They are going to feel uncomfortable, and they are going to feel less likely to want to speak up. Communities should be safe for everyone, and part of that is not constantly joking that a particular subset of ace experiences are the only or even the main ace experiences.”

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    This so much. When I first began learning more about asexuality, I looked at a ton of ace blogs that generalized a lot....
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    Exactly. Asexual is not the same as naive.
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    This. All of this. Not being personally interested in sex =/= not understanding sex or sexual references People are...
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    ^ A lot of good things are being said here. I also fit the bill for this kind of view of asexuality very well, and often...
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    I think this is a really good thing to remember, especially since I’m painfully aware that I am a walking stereotype. I...
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    While I understand the joke, it really kind of paints the view that we’re all sheltered little virgins that can’t wrap...
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    Nope, that’s not bad at all! Because that’s about you—your experiences and how you perceive the world. I am sorry if I...

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