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Ace kink stuff?




Hey guys!! this came up recently and has just come up again, does anyone have any resources or perspectives on asexual kink? I know of a bunch of people who are ace and kinky, but I’m never sure how comfortable they would be with being referred as a possible source of information/kinkjams.

I’m really good at talking about my kink boundaries myself, but I don’t have much of a perspective on being ace, so I’m hoping for like, some other people who wouldn’t mind being referred as a person to talk to?

Also I recall seeing an article on tips w/ negotiating consent during sexy stuff with ace people, does anyone have the link to that? Or any similar resources!


Can’t speak to the kink stuff, but this is a good article about negotiating consent with an asexual person:



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    oh wow, that blog is lovely
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    and you know, i am positive that sexual people are not immune to this sort of stuff either, it’s just really...
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    Yay! This is the kind of stuff I was looking for! Tumblr, you are the best!
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    there’s an asexual group on fetlife & this is a really good blog: http://verbs-not-nouns.dreamwidth.org/ also just...
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