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so last night my friend asked me to explain sexuality.



I was hungry and drunk when I wrote this, you can’t blame me.

“Pretend sexuality is an ice-cream store. Your sexual orientations are the flavors - you can get vanilla, strawberry, pistachio, mango sorbet with red gummy bears, frozen fucking yogurt - whatever the fuck you want. Asexuals go in and some just want the cone, but there are different types cones, ok? Waffle cones. Cake cones. Chocolate-dipped, sprinkled covered, I-don’t-even-know cones. Those are your romantic orientations. On the other hand, some people just want three scoops of ice cream with no cone. Or they want a lot of cones, with or without ice cream. Whatever floats your boat. It’s a socialist ice-cream store, don’t worry about the cost. And some other people? They don’t want anything. They’re next door buying shoes. THIS IS REAL LIFE, MEGAN AND THIS IS HOW IT WORKS, OK.”


I am in love with this explanation.

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    ^ et-tu-dionysus is my former url so anyway, go for it, you got my permission~
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    I am totally using (if I may have permission) a version of this analogy in my zine to explain gender and sexuality.
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    Ice cream == best metaphor.
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