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Asexuality book—gathering test audience


Hey guys.

I’ve written a book about asexuality and I’m looking to pursue traditional publication for it. (This means not publishing it myself, getting a publisher to buy it/market it, and using mainstream channels to get it into the bookstores.) I think having a mainstream nonfiction book about asexuality in the lifestyles section for people to find when they search for it will help contribute to the message that asexuality is legitimate and real—both for asexual people themselves to find and for more traditional/more old-fashioned loved ones of asexual people (most notably but not limited to parents of asexual people).

I would like to have some test readers. Nonfiction books are often bought based on the premise/outline/proposal, after which the content is submitted and tweaked with input from the publisher, but I would like to have a solid working draft in case anyone wants to see it. I have already received interest from a publisher and an agent, but I think I need to pursue more options and I want to feel confident that the message is clear and that all audiences can understand it.

If you would like to be a test audience member, I will send you sections of the book chapter by chapter and you can keep offering feedback as long as you are interested (or until you read it all!). It’s relatively short (about 40,000 words) and I intend it to be a somewhat comprehensive *introduction*—not a huge amount of beyond 101 stuff, but at least enough to hint that it’s out there.

Potential test audience members can e-mail me at ivy@swankivy.com and I will discuss this with you privately, or send me an ask if you have a question. (Please don’t just reblog and volunteer in the comments—I’d like to negotiate and discuss privately off Tumblr if possible.) I will not be posting the content of the book anywhere on the Internet, but I will share updates on my progress.

I am looking for test audience members who are asexual AND audience members anywhere on the ace spectrum AND non-asexual people, because this IS for all audiences. I need comments on the content, comments on *missing* content (i.e., if I didn’t cover something and you think I should, tell me), and comments on the writing itself (I shouldn’t need much help with grammar/spelling/punctuation, though; I’m an editor).

Thanks in advance to those who volunteer. If you do not want to but know someone who might, feel free to tell them or spread this request around.


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    I’m not asexual but I would totally read the shit out of a book on asexuality.
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