Jul 20

Would you be willing to pass this on?
Tumblr is one of the few tools I have left to use for this.

Hi, my name is Andi.
A few of you may know me has Rawrdom or Rumblerawr.
More of you pro'ly know me as that royal B* who started Hot Pieces of Ace, and than left suddenly.

I would like to take a moment to explain.
I am underage by Muggle standards. Thus, my Parents still have final say in everything I do. They are God-fearing, Tea Party attending, Fox News watching, Conservative Republican Christians. Unfortunately, they are also extremely homophobic and neophobic. I never intended for my Parents to find out I was queer by any degree, including asexuality. I had actually decided that I would never tell them this, as long as I was still dependent on them. I had the privilege of knowing 100% that my parents and family would never accept me as asexual. I confided with my friends, and was out to everyone I could trust. Life was... tolerable. My parents has only suspicions that I was less-than-straight to rely on, and I could easily combat those suspicions. I guess it was only time before Murphy's Law decided to ruin my fun. My mother, in her infinite knowledge of the internets, came across my account on AVEN which lead her to finding Hot Pieces of Ace and my deep involvement with that. Let's just say that when I got home from school that day, fun times were not had by anyone. I would say Guantanimo Bay prisoners would weep at what I was put through, but that's a huge hyperbole. However, from three o'clock that evening to basically ten o'clock at night I was grilled over my involvement with the Asexual and LGBTQAXYZ communities. After about three hours, I confessed I was asexual. At about five hours, I gave them links to all my account. By the end of the nights, almost every account I have online had been purged of asexual references. My original AVEN, tumblr, and myspace accounts were effectively deleted, and ever since that day, the internet connection from my personal computer has been cut off. As I type, I'm looking at a clock screaming 4:30 in the morning and the keys of my dad's hacked into computer. Basically since that day, I have not had internet. I'd like you to imagine a day without tumblr, now try close to two months with only meager scraps of time online in the late, late night hours. That's been my online life for the last two months. My offline life has been much more chaotic. I am no longer allowed to see certain friends, and the few that I am allowed to see (which equates to four people that they trust) are almost always busy. Church service, which I used to enjoy, has become a prison sentence of sorts. I am required to sit next to them during services, and they have to witness my daily prayers and bible readings. At one point, they decided to "reaffirm" my relationship with Christ. Any contact or conversation I have with them is awkward at best. My mom is always bringing up just how natural sex is, or "trying to make me feel like a girl" by buying me frivolous things that I never wanted. They're trying to straighten me out. Literally (okay, more figuratively, but whatever.) I love God, and I try to love my parents, but it's hard (especially whenever I have to deal with these lovely doubts of depression I have had since seventh grade). I don't blame them, I just... pity them. So, that's pretty much the story behind the music of the lucky founder of Hot Pieces of Ace and why ze suddenly disappeared, all Doctor Who style. I love every one of you who has helped the ace community and/or Hot Pieces of Ace. Your support brings me smiles, rainbows, and unicorns. I hope that clears things up for the lot of you (and I hope you can see why I couldn't exactly post the real reason about my absence until now). So... allons y, molto bene, carpe deim, carpe jugular, hare krishne, auf wiedersehen, and may the force be with you,

<3 Andi.

P.S. Craig Ferguson rocks.
P.P.S. but not as much as Wil Wheaton. chernoalphanaut-deactivated2014

Happy to do so.  I’m sorry about how your parents reacted and I really hope that they relax this soon.  May the force be with you.


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