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Gender Biased Sexual ‘Education’ is failing everyone.




Things girls are taught in Sexual Education:
-Basic terminology of female genitals and reproductive system
-Anatomy of male genitalia
-About menstruation
-About Pregnancy / Contraception
-About STDs
-Abstinence only

Things boys are taught in Sexual Education:
-Anatomy of male genitalia
-Basic terminology of female genitals and reproductive system
-Wet dreams
-Why sex, masturbation and ejaculation feel good.
-Hormones, pleasure and why they will crave sex 
-Oral sex (fellatio) 
-How Pregnancy happens
-Abstinence is better 

Why aren’t girls taught about the clitoris, apart from the word being on an unrealistic diagram? Why are girls not taught sex can feel good, and about masturbation? Therefore not teaching girls it’s ok to be aroused, how arousal works, that it’s normal and healthy to want sex and to enjoy it? Therefore continuing to make women’s sexual pleasure weird, shameful, perverted, dirty, uncommon or non-existent?  Why are they taught to be the moral and responsible gatekeepers of sex?  Why are we teaching girls more about how sex works for boys than for themselves? Why are we making girls responsible alone for pregnancy? Why are we not teaching girls about consent, peer pressure and about how to communicate their needs?

Why aren’t boys taught about proper female anatomy, and that the in-out-in-out that feels great for them isn’t so good for women as there are almost no nerve endings inside the vagina? Why aren’t we teaching them about the clitoris and other sensitive parts of women when its ok to go into full detail about their own pleasure? Why aren’t they being taught respect and consent, and how to negotiate their needs? Why aren’t they taught about other methods of sex which aren’t penetrative that women can enjoy like mutual oral sex? Why aren’t they taught about menstruation, when women often get educated about everything sexually that happens to men? 

The average age to experience hardcore pornography is 11.
The average age for first sexual education is 13.
If you can’t see how that, plus an incredibly sexist, hetero-normative scare campaign of ‘sexual education’ is failing everyone- I think perhaps you need some education on a thing called reality.

And trans sex education is completely left out. Cisnorms take over in Health/Sex Ed as well. No one is taught about dysphoria(disphoria) and so everyone who doesn’t want to do with the dominant partner wants to do is automatically labeled as a freak or prude or something completely irrelevant to sexuality.   

This post is perfect and awesome and wonderful. Yes.


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    My school’s curriculum was pregnancy, condoms, stds, and abstinence. And why having
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    Someone should write a health ed. book called The Da Vagina Code. And it should have all relevant informations :D
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